Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wounded pride.

Bonanza coffee heroes

Here's the punchline: I have a sore behind.

Today was relatively warm - minus 1 Celsius, we went out for a coffee at Bonanza Coffee Heroes (best coffee in Berlin as far as we're concerned, which is funny because I don't drink coffee, but I had a pretty awesome hot chocolate), walked a little and felt actual warmth from the sun on the back of our legs.

It was so warm that I was able to wear my comfy black jazz shoes - so cute, if a little useless on the sole tread side of things. Anyway, we're walking home and I'm being really careful with the walking so I don't slip on the icy paths. Eventually I get a little complacent and walk a little faster and before I know it, I've hit a patch of ice, WHIP! goes each foot one after the other and Lk reckons I was completely airborne for two seconds before I fell hard on my back. I had to lie there for a while to get over the shock and the sting, assuring concerned passersby that I was "alles OK".

Not quite a fashion post really, but felt I had to share. I'm pretty much done with bitching about the weather now, everyone, yay me!

Did I mention new auctions are starting this week? Well, I meant to.

As you were...

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