Thursday, January 22, 2009


As Qooza has mentioned, I've been out on the road in apple country all week. Staying with jtm's parents and visiting all the nearby thrift/charity/op shops. Some have been heavenly, others dull. But I've bought a carload of stuff, and can't wait till Qooza gets back so we can take some great photos.

I just love getting the chance to get out of Sydney. Although it was very hot the first few days, there were excellent massive thunder storms over the past few days. It made the countryside so much nicer to drive around in. Although the rain did make some of these country roads a bit treacherous.

I found this fantastic 70's maxi skirt in a dress up bin, along with 3 other lovely skirts and a pristine 70's maxi dress. Scalloped yellow top and saddlebag are also new editions.

More stories from apple and orange country when I get home.
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