Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chimney sweeps - shine your shoes eh, guv'nor?

I'm not a super dressy person. It took me a long time not to feel like a total tool in a dress. Absy, of course, totally discovered her hotness years ago, which is why the site and store are largely carried photographically by her fine form.

I confess that most of the time I'd like to dress like Amelia Earhart:

Or maybe not jodhpurs, but be-tweeded bookish Oxford androgyny, like this:

"Oh I'm enjoying the sun, and Thoreaux, and thinking about philosophy, before I go punting on the Thames eh what? Chortle, chortle" etc. I watched a lot of British TV and stuff as a child.

This pic is from the Toast sale that I'm currently self-barred from, due to the aforementioned prohibitively low Aussie dollar. Tweed jackets, you guys.

I even want the strawberry blonde/ginger hair and the alabaster brow. Pity I am Asian.

Then I came across Old Town, and I realised that what I really want is to dress like a chimney sweep. Forget your 50s retro Mad Men obsessions for a moment, and hear me out! Let's take this vintage thing to the 1800s.

This lad is not a complete chimney sweep, but he does appear to be doing the Funky Robot. It's a lovely but oddly anachronistic image. To me.

Old Town, based in Norfolk, UK, makes sturdy, classic English workwear. Quality stuff. Unaffordable but something I'm filing away for future reference.

And for the ladies still obsessed with the Current/Elliot Boyfriend jeans (and who isn't?), I ask if this:

might not do for this:


(pics from Toast, Old Town, and Current/Elliott)

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Kimberley said...

Toast was a minor obsession of mine when I arrived here in Blightey. The catalogues are divine in that they are all down-at-home, English country cottage style without reminding you about the draft, the leaking roof and the smell of wet animals.

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