Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New at Etsy!

Hello dears,

Hope you all had a great Christmas! I did - I'll get round to uploading some pics of the past week soon! So much excitement...

Still, I managed to update the Etsy store with a few new things. Also, it's SALE time for a few of the Winter items shipping from Berlin...I'm going home to Sydney soon so it's time to clear some things out of the closet!

New at Etsy

New at Etsy

New at Etsy

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dudes, I am pooped. I have eaten more schnitzel than I ever thought possible. Over the last couple days I've welcomed my sister and my friend Cutz to town, and our days have been planned exclusively around meal times. So no wardrobe remix shots til I'm less pudgy (I generally get more excited when Abs does them anyway).

Tomorrow we are on a grand mission to buy all necessary ingredients for our holiday feast. No goose, unforch, as we discovered those giant birds come in at a whopping 13euro/kg, and they're usually 5kg each. I'm so full and tired I can't even bring myself to add a pretty photo to this post.

By the by, I was glad to see that Liebemarlene has joined the Twitterverse - hello!

Also, I updated our Etsy store with a fair whack of vintage shoes, shipping from Sydney.
I'm going to get back on game soon! Last week I acquired a bunch of neat stuff for the store so get ready!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The bird dress - Remixed

A few years ago I made a dress that I just absolutely loved. The fabric was the most lovely pale yellow soft brushed cotton with tiny black flying birds. My friend and flattie at the time KTC (hi KTC!) had recently made a simple 4 panel dress, and I so liked the cut of its jib, that I made one too. The resulting dress fit perfectly. But it my haste, I made that age old mistake of failing to wash the fabric first. I was CRUSHED when I went to wear the dress again and it was just a smidge too tight all over. Oh the anguish. And because it was such soft fabric, the slightly shrunken fabric did not forgive the slightest bodily bump or flaw. So it's pretty much been sitting in my wardrobe ever since.
Anyway, a year or so ago a friend of a friend was looking to photograph 'girls with interesting clothes in interesting rooms', so I figured I could get away with wearing the much loved bird dress. Ali the photographer was quite delightful and I thought the resulting photo was lovely (despite being able to see my undies).
So when Q and I were out 'bamming' one day, and I spotted a cute floral print, I decided to re-make the bird dress. It's taken me a couple of months due to all the travelling and bamming and thesis writing I've been doing, but here is what happened. First up I used the original bird dress as a pattern and cut out a new version. I made sure I cut it quite a bit bigger but I could've strangled myself when I first tried it on and realised it was too tight. Again! Luckily I'd left a generous seam allowance.

Then I followed an excellent Invisible Zipper Tutorial, but was far too excited about my new invisible zipper foot to notice that I was using the wrong side of my fabric. Sigh. After much unpicking and re-sewing I finally had a mostly finished dress.

But then I couldn't quite figure out what to do with the neckline or sleeves. It was only after looking through some vintage dresses on Etsy that I realised I wanted a vintage style flutter sleeve. Luckily I found an old Butterick pattern in my stash with the exact sleeve I was looking for.

I nearly sewed the sleeves on upside down, but realised just in time. They were very awkward to hem, but they sit ok. A bit more ‘capped’ than ‘flutter’ but I guess they'll pass. I was desperate to finish the dress for my new bands very first gig. But when it was finally all hemmed I tried it on and realised it just didn't sit right. Anyway, with a few mods and pin tucks and a wash and an iron I’m finally happy. It’s no butter yellow bird dress, but at least it’s a finished project. Unlike my thesis.

eBay holidays

Since that first major drop of snow, I've been waiting for another, so I can be less lame and go out and make a snow angel.

I think this snowman is pointing at the bit of Berlin Wall, but let's say he's waving goodbye, because once our current auctions end we're going on holiday until the new year. Hooray!

Actually, I think I will probably continue updating our Etsy store and things will be bloggy as usual, but things will be quieting down on the eBay front for a bit.

Mine on sale!

At Standard Deviation you can find some of the items of the Autumn/Winter Mine collection by the lovely and talented Katherine Pont.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Quiet time

Quiet time, originally uploaded by AKIHIRO FURUTA.

And just so this blog doesn't drown in shop update posts, here's a little flickr photo that makes me smile.

I love seeing photos of stylish families. Growing up, I wasn't exactly surrounded by them (bogans, anyone?), nor was I particularly stylish myself (I wore purple docs and army shirts over baby doll dresses. And novelty t-shirts. 1990s, time for Qooza)

Akihiro Furuta's Flickr page is full of cute, funny and stylish portraits of his family. There are many other hilarious photos including the family dog that everyone should check out, but this one is my favourite because of the ADORABLE BABY HAT! I'd love to make one - maybe Erica Knits can work this one out.

New at Etsy!

When I said I was gunning it with the Etsy listings, I wasn't kidding! Here are some more - these ship from Berlin, Germany.

Vintage 1970s mauve floral print collared day dress S M
New at Etsy!

Vintage 1980s cherry red floral high waisted full skirt with sash S
New at Etsy!

Vintage 1970s Brown pleated secretary blouse S
New at Etsy!

New at Etsy!

New vintage accessories added to our etsy store!

These lovelies ship from Sydney, Australia.

VINTAGE Silver Filigree Swan Pendant:
New at Etsy!

Vintage enamel amaranth and gold half flower necklace:
New at Etsy!

Vintage 1950s pink enamel earrings studs
New at Etsy!

VINTAGE 1980s secretary red and white button earrings
New at Etsy!

Vintage 1980s enamel navy white gold tear drop earrings
New at Etsy!

Vintage 1950s cute cream pearl beaded coin purse
New at Etsy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New at Etsy!

Phew! Just updated our Etsy store with even more goodies! Man I am gunning it tonight! See you there!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good times at Bam HQ

The snow is coming in dribs and drabs here. Gotta take it when I can! I've decided to go home next year for a job, and also because I miss the Bam photoshoots and sewing days. It does feel a little soon to be leaving this great town but EH - whaddyagunnado?

Meanwhile we're stoked because a paper Absy co-authored got reported on in Scientific American. Woohoo!

(pic from Vanity Fair)

And we're also stoked because Tina Fey is so awesome.

Japanese men's magazines...

Sometimes I wish I were a boy, so I could dress like this.

(via The Sartorialist)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just added to Etsy!

Head on over to our etsy store where we've just added these pretty little things.  They all ship from Germany.


See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So here at BAM Central, we like to celebrate small wins.
I woke up this morning to see this email.
Seeing as Hammer isn't following my personal Twitter, I like to think he's not just indiscriminately clicking on everyone's Follow button. OR IS HE? 

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WR: Mexican Hallway

Scruffy bob: Homemade

Mexican Smock: Etsy (thanks to The Peach)

Check Pencil Miniskirt: Thrifted (Blue Mountains)

Brogue Ballet Flats: Bloch (Century 21)

I was pretty excited to find this mini pencil skirt for $3 the other week. I had a couple of friends that used to wear them much shorter, and I always thought they looked super cute. Team it with a short sleeved cardi and a belt and you've got a lovely modern take on the secretary look. I'm not talking 'sexretary' here, but just a cute modern take on something that still looks lovely, but without the dowdy. I'm not anti-dowdy, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood.

So, maybe I'll take it up. I think I will when I finish my 8 week 'learn how to become a runner' routine. Although I've been doing a bit of walking/running lately, this morning was the first time I followed the 1min running, 1.5min walking routine. It wasn't very hard at all. Maybe just maybe I'm a natural?


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eBay Dec 10, 2008

Coming up on eBay Dec 10, 2008 in the store.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wardrobe Remix: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Bundeena is a beautiful, quiet little town, not too far out of Sydney. Absy goes there from time to time to hang out, there are a few little cute op shops to visit.

Our friend Flip gave us this lovely white lace prairie dress to sell in our store, and we were frankly, a little horrified at her decision. She's rocked the little prairie dress a few times at various gatherings and prairie-themed parties and whatnot, and we couldn't believe she'd let go of something so pretty. Anyhoo, once it was in our hands we both telepathically had a conversation which consisted of us both saying the same thing:

"Dude. Photoshoot."

So here it is, our homage to the Australian classic Picnic at Hanging Rock. The dress is still with us (obviously) but it will make its way to the store. At some point. We don't know when. It's a struggle to let it go.

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Follow my Tweets!

So I'm rather getting into the joys of social media and have just signed us up to Twitter, so you'll see our tweets in the sidebar over yonder >>>>>

If you are a Twitterer please, follow us and say hello.

We're new, so at the moment the only person we're following is MC Hammer. He prefers just "Hammer" now, just so you know.

Wiksten's Winter Collection

winter plaid top, originally uploaded by wikstenmade.

Dec 10 y'all! I've got my eye on this plaid number. Of course, I have only been successful once when shopping at her store but I'll be doing my damnedest!

Hello, Posterous!

Since beginning our Blogger site, and subsequently falling in love with Twitter, Tumblr, and trying to keep up to date with our Flickr site, I have been dreaming of a place that would bring all these disparate elements together in beautiful parallel, and allow me to post once, and ONCE ONLY. 

I follow Stephen Fry's Tweets on my personal Twitter, so I was curious to find him posting on Posterous.  Did a bit of reading and here I am, seduced by the promise of easy posting to a gazillion different places at once.  Don't let me down, Posterous, and let the experiment begin!

Now if Posterous could somehow include our Modepass in its autopost feature, I should be a very happy blogger indeed.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Etsy store update!

We've just updated our Etsy store with a few pairs a cute vintage shoes, including this lovely pair of comfy Bally lace-up oxfords with a slight wedge heel:

Etsy! Vintage 80s BALLY oxford wedges

These cute black patent leather bow flats:

Etsy! Vintage Patent Leather Bow Flats

And these rockabilly black and white penny loafer mocassins!

Etsy! Vintage B&W Penny Loafer Mocassins

These puppies ship from Germany. See you in the store!

On eBay tomorrow

In our store!

eBay now! 70s mod little black dress with spider lace collar

eBay now! 70s mod little black dress with spider lace collar detail

eBay now! 70s brown shimmer wrap dress
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