Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dudes, I am pooped. I have eaten more schnitzel than I ever thought possible. Over the last couple days I've welcomed my sister and my friend Cutz to town, and our days have been planned exclusively around meal times. So no wardrobe remix shots til I'm less pudgy (I generally get more excited when Abs does them anyway).

Tomorrow we are on a grand mission to buy all necessary ingredients for our holiday feast. No goose, unforch, as we discovered those giant birds come in at a whopping 13euro/kg, and they're usually 5kg each. I'm so full and tired I can't even bring myself to add a pretty photo to this post.

By the by, I was glad to see that Liebemarlene has joined the Twitterverse - hello!

Also, I updated our Etsy store with a fair whack of vintage shoes, shipping from Sydney.
I'm going to get back on game soon! Last week I acquired a bunch of neat stuff for the store so get ready!

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