Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WR: Mexican Hallway

Scruffy bob: Homemade

Mexican Smock: Etsy (thanks to The Peach)

Check Pencil Miniskirt: Thrifted (Blue Mountains)

Brogue Ballet Flats: Bloch (Century 21)

I was pretty excited to find this mini pencil skirt for $3 the other week. I had a couple of friends that used to wear them much shorter, and I always thought they looked super cute. Team it with a short sleeved cardi and a belt and you've got a lovely modern take on the secretary look. I'm not talking 'sexretary' here, but just a cute modern take on something that still looks lovely, but without the dowdy. I'm not anti-dowdy, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood.

So, maybe I'll take it up. I think I will when I finish my 8 week 'learn how to become a runner' routine. Although I've been doing a bit of walking/running lately, this morning was the first time I followed the 1min running, 1.5min walking routine. It wasn't very hard at all. Maybe just maybe I'm a natural?


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