Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wardrobe Remix: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Bundeena is a beautiful, quiet little town, not too far out of Sydney. Absy goes there from time to time to hang out, there are a few little cute op shops to visit.

Our friend Flip gave us this lovely white lace prairie dress to sell in our store, and we were frankly, a little horrified at her decision. She's rocked the little prairie dress a few times at various gatherings and prairie-themed parties and whatnot, and we couldn't believe she'd let go of something so pretty. Anyhoo, once it was in our hands we both telepathically had a conversation which consisted of us both saying the same thing:

"Dude. Photoshoot."

So here it is, our homage to the Australian classic Picnic at Hanging Rock. The dress is still with us (obviously) but it will make its way to the store. At some point. We don't know when. It's a struggle to let it go.

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lauren said...

OMG! You are the only person to reference this movie that I have ever seen! Amazing. Isn't it the weirdest most cool film? These shots really do remind me of it, nice job.

I found you on Etsy, where I am as well as, Dear Golden Vintage.
Happy selling and finding!


qooza said...

It is SUCH a beautiful haunting film. I think I've seen you around on Etsy! Welcome to our blog!

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