Monday, January 12, 2009

Rain Boots

I would like a pair of these, please. These are so simple, but stylish (for a rubber boot especially!) and you can roll these suckers up and pack em away in a little bag if you wanted.

(from nastygal)


Absy said...

Dude - we must totally be in sync. I'm trying to finish off a paper today, and have been scouring Etsy for black boots. I thought that if I can finish my paper today like I said I would, I might buy myself a pair to celebrate. But which ones?




Q's Daydream said...

Fabulous!!!! :o)

qooza said...

Absy - Did you buy the first ones? They are sold out now on etsy, and they were my pick! Good on you.

Absy said...

Oh No! It wasn't me!
However, they were only a size 9, and I was worried they wouldn't fit my enormous feet. Looks like I have to go with plan b.

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