Monday, January 5, 2009

Season Time Greetings

First day back in 'the office' and I'm now back in the swing of things enough to blog. Although I did spend a lot of time online over the last 3 weeks, I didn't do one constructive thing and loved every moment of aimlessness.
I had an excellent holiday period and hope you all did too. Highlights for me were spending time with my parents/family, watching my nieces squeal with delight when they got their new handmade tutu's, and kicking around the homestead with jtm.
The last few days were quite busy, what with 4 NYE parties to attend, a multi-day wedding affair and the Fleet Foxes. Oh the Fleet Foxes. But the wedding was lots of fun. We were supposed to wear a 'splash of red' so I pulled out my newly acquired 80s does 40s peachy number (thank you surry hills markets), slapped on some bright red lippy and borrowed a red clutch from a friend. Unfortunately this is the only shot of the dress I have, you can't see much of the lovely bodice frills. I think it has one more wear in it, and may then make it's way to the store.

Am I excited about 2009?

Boy am I ever. I get to hand in my thesis, I get Que back so we can 'Bam' and watch excellent tv in vast quantities, and I will hopefully get more acquainted with the lovely people inhabiting the world of the vintage fashion interwebs. To all of you, thanks for making my 2008.


qooza said...

Nice shoes abs! Are those new? Did you bust out the GHD for your hair? Nicely done!

Absy said...

They are new. I was supposed to wear red ones (for the splash of red theme) but couldn't find anything decent anywhere. And yes, I used the GHD. I think it's killing my hair. But I can't STOP!

qooza said...

Dude. The GHD is supposed to be super nice to your hair. Ceramic techology! God I'm a sucker...

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