Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Wendy NO!


I got a pair of black corduroy lederhosen from Built By Wendy from my sister for Christmas. I've worn them about four times. They're so comfy and warm.

I should say that they WERE comfy and warm because I just put them on and sat down and there was an almighty ripping sound that freaked me out, and there's a giant rip in the fabric and the pants are ruined. What the WHAT? I'm still in shock. Not so shocked that I couldn't take photos and email them to the Built By Wendy online store like, immediately. But shocked because I just got used to having new warm pants, and I already don't know how to live without them.

Just to clarify, my bum is not what broke these pants. I've been doing lots of walking, thank you very much.


Absy said...

This surely has to be a random tragedy. Was it the seam that gave way of the fabric itself?

qooza said...

Seam is still intact. The fabric seems to have ripped at the back pocket and just split. Haven't heard a wink from Built By Wendy. I'm hoping it's a post-holiday delay

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