Monday, October 20, 2008

Diane von Furstenberg

While driving through Georgia on our thrifting adventure, we stopped by a little thrift store in the town of Jesop. Run by little old church ladies who loved - and I mean LOVED - Sarah Palin, the store was stuffed top to bottom with racks and racks of clothes. This place was what we classify officially in our records as a Fried Goldmine, and we walked out with literally piles of stuff, including this lovely 1970s western shirt dress:

We inspected it for flaws when we got back to the motel and it was in beautiful condition. Then we finally checked the tag so we could log the info for the listing and here's what it said:

There we were, chuffed at how we managed to find this awesome dress, and it turned out to be a vintage Diane von Furstenberg! High five!

It will be going up in the store next Sunday!

1 comment:

Absy said...

Shame on me for not being a better ironer.

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