Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Peg Trouser

Several months ago, we started collecting pairs of 80s trousers with pleated fronts and tapered pegged legs. The pegged trouser look is so hot right now, and all over street style blogs at the moment. Par example:

(from BorderlineMag)

(via The Sartorialist)

I myself splurged last season on a pair of Lover Ginsberg double-waisted peg trousers, in a moment of weakness when I felt frivolous and cashed up. No pictures as yet - I left them in Sydney and am waiting for them to be brought to me in Berlin in a couple weeks.

Anyhoo, observe this awesome pair of pegged trousers we've listed in the store:

So here's the deal - we've listed these babies twice now, no to avail. Initially we thought it had something to do with the cold weather, but it's warm now and nothing's changed. It isn't the photography, because I think Abs looks super hot. So WTF? Peg trousers are awesome people!! Get on board!
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