Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've always dabbled in the ol' yarn crafts, but now that I'm experiencing actual cold I feel more inspired than ever. Makes me wish I had brought my knit and crochet tools with me, but whaddyagunnado? By the by, 5euro for a pair of circular needles hurts so much in this current economically depressed climate, especially now that the dear Aussie dollar is pretty much worthless, despite our economy still being strong - how does that work? Can anyone explain? But I digress. Flickr-ing through the latest Wardrobe Remix just now I've found the most cuddly woollens to warm my extremities this Winter, courtesy of etsy seller Yokoo:

(via Yokoo's Etsy)

These are totally stylish and functional, and she takes the most beautiful photos. I want!!

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