Saturday, November 15, 2008

The button front skirt

Right now I'm wishing I had a high waisted button front skirt in my wardrobe...

(via thecatspajamas flickr)

(via Wiksten)

(via Mociun)

It really all began with the Alison skirt from Wiksten's Fall Collection, but I missed out. I had my eye on the vintage one from Liebemarlene that eventually fell into the hands of Ms Thecatspajamas, but decided I would look out for one myself. How much do I regret it now that I've seen it rocked so hard and so well?

If I had access to a sewing machine I might be tempted to make the Wiksten version, as her pattern for it appears in the latest issue of Stitch Magazine (woohoo!), but I think what I need to do is publicly wish for it on this blog and hopefully ABSY WILL TAKE THE HINT AND PUT HER SEWING ROOM TO GOOD USE FOR MY BENEFIT.

1 comment:

Abbie said...

Wow..! I too got a fabulous button front skirt from Sahalie.

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