Monday, July 28, 2008

Vain and Vapid

Forget vintage clothes for a moment - I just bought this:

The Scrooged shirtdress from Vain and Vapid's etsy store. Loving the shirtdresses right now (which you might pick up in the coming weeks as our shirtdress collection is bursting at the seams...we're instigating a slooow deployment of said garments so we don't overload the store with them). I was planning on getting a little greedy and waiting until her next shop update so I could get two things and save on postage, but an update came and went and it seems this lady Julie's new store is already too popular for my mouse finger to get a click in edgewise.

There is one Scrooged dress left right now if anyone's interested. I'm excited!

Oh and she also has a blog.

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