Monday, July 21, 2008

Poor Laura Ashley

My very first blog entry.


And it's inspired by poor Laura Ashley.

Ever since I was a child I can't help but think of her whenever I see floral. I remember my aunt telling me how poor Laura Ashley died, on her birthday, after falling down the stairs, in her daughter's house. So sad. But at least she got to fill the world with rustic and romantic florals and frills and English and Welsh flowers before her untimely topple.

Apparently Laura's husband once remarked that "Laura had the whole world dressed as milk maids". Which leads me to this little number. A slinky vintage Laura Ashley knit tube dress.

Where is the floral? Where are the frills? Where is the rustic romance? Where are the cows?

You know what? I don't even care. It's 100% pure merino wool, a fantastic colour and sits so nicely around the bottom region.

Check out more pictures here

Great work Laura Ashley.

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