Sunday, April 5, 2009


Dear Dudes,
Been house hunting like crazy.
While on a break, dropped in at Barmuda for some vanilla rice and berries. Verdict: delicious! I hear that Barmuda is run by the same dudes who run Oscillate Wildly, which I've been meaning to try, if time would ever permit. And I'm not a coffee drinker, but my homies gave the Barmuda coffee four thumbs up, should anyone be on the lookout for decent coffee in Newtown and Campos is chockers, like it always is.

Would love to find a Sydney cafe that is as snobby about tea as it is about coffee. Any tips, let me know.

P.S. Abs and I are aware of our shop absence. Some stuff is going down and we're working on it. We have awesome stuff coming out of our ears and there is a slight bottle neck when it comes to listing them, but stuff is happening, rest assured.


Anonymous said...

Que! I've been meaning to try Oscillate Wildly too! Let's make a date! Have you been to Coffee, Tea or Me? They have a great tea selection - many from Mariage Freres. Not sure if they're snobby about it but they do offer a tea cosy with your pot! Jo

qooza said...

Dude. Let's go there! To both places! How's school???

Kylie said...

Your blog is awesome! Just stumbled upon it when looking for opp shops in Prague. (Random I know!) I'm also from Aussieland but living in Switzerland. I'm heading to Prague next week and was hoping to find an op shop or two. Any suggestions??
Will be watching this space!!

lucinda said...

Hey Que! Twitter lead me here. Although apparently we don't always agree in the tea department I concur with Jo on the Coffee, Tea or Me suggestion. Extensive tea menu and they look personally wounded when I even think of adding milk to my Darjeeling Blend. Plus they make delicious muffins and even more delicious cheese and pickle sandwiches! Pony

qooza said...

Kylie: Welcome to the blog, great to see you! I was only in Prague for a couple days alas, and it was all about the eating and the greyness and the weird Ossuary and medieval stuff. Did you go there???

Hey Pony M!: Ever since our mutual friend Ms Ratlips introduced me to Branston pickles and cheese sandwiches, I can think of no better companion to a special cup of tea. I want to go to there!

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