Monday, March 9, 2009

style rookie

Just dropping in today - Abs and I are both busy with our other lives, although the store, she runneth, while my Google Reader overfloweth.

Still, I found time to add Style Rookie to my reading list, a fashion blog written by this incredibly cool and precocious twelve year old, yes, twelve year old. You guys are probably all over it, but I only just discovered her. She has a really sophisticated and adventurous sense of style with her cute bob and oversized shades. At her age I was wearing paint splotched tracksuit jumpers and the only fashionable things I yearned for were Reebok pumps and Hypercolour t-shirts.

(pic from the Style Rookie)


Pretty Little Pictures said...

I have an over flowing google reader as well!! Great blog by the way :)

qooza said...

Haha! Yours too, I love seeing fellow Southern Hemispherans in the blogosphere!

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