Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thrifting in Georgia

Just to recap: Absy and I met up in Miami Florida last week for a thrifting binge around the state and into Georgia. Here's where we went:

Kissimmee, Fl: The guy at the motel we stayed at was shocked to hear that we weren't planning to going to Disneyland. SHOCKED. He gave us a map and directions on how to get there anyway. We hit a few large thrift stores, namely Goodwill and Salvos. Thrifting quality: OK, but bigger thrift store chains tend to be more exy and picked over. Natch.

Winter Park, Fl: Kind of a bust.

Apopka & Casselberry, FL: The highlight of this town was the giant Thriftko store...I wish I could remember where it was exactly. Giant racks of dresses going for a song. We left with a couple big bags of stuff.

Eustis, Fl: we got here too late and had to move on because it was a bit of a dud town (albeit with a beautiful lake) and there was nowhere decent for us to stay. Some of the thrift stores looked pretty good, but oh well.

Leesburg, Fl: Oh blessed Leesburg. In this small town there were about 7 or 8 thrift stores, none of them big, but many of them were good to us. The LMC thrift store gave us dresses and shoes. The LCMR thrift store was amazing. It was huge and such good value. Unbelievable.

After Leesburg we decided to head into Georgia - first stop:

Valdosta, GA: The Treasure Box thrift store was stuffed to high heaven. We found some great 60s milk maid style juniors dresses.

Waycross: Waycross Thrift...ohhhh, they're all beginning to blur into one. I seem to recall carrying out bags of awesome stuff

Alma GA: A depressing town, but we found a wonderful 70s maxi dress with a bustle. Amazing.

Savannah GA: Absy wanted to go here because of the 90s soap of the same name, she didn't mention it at the time, but I was thinking of it too all along. Savannah is a beautiful, beautiful historic town. It's small, and not crowded at all. We hit Blessingdale's Thrift where we walked out with 4 pairs of shoes and a beautiful mint green 50s dress a la Grace Kelly.

Anyway, we'll get photos up of some of our finds as soon as we can. Now we're back in Florida, in the town of Jupiter, holed up at the Hampton Inn watching cable and kicking back after a long drive.
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